What is the condition of your Dental fillings ?

This is a question that you should ask yourself if you have had dental fillings some time back and you have never bothered to check on their condition. There are modern composite fillings which are of higher quality as compared to the old type of fillings (silver/mercury) many of us had in the past. In case you have had these fillings placed some time back you should see your dentist who will examine them well and advise you accordingly. Regular checks of your fillings is also necessary so that you will be able to know whether they are eroded or they are in good condition. Erosion of the dental fillings is a bad situation because it can lead to the further detriment of your entire tooth hence it is important to receive regular dental checkups.

Recently while visiting Hammer and Bonin Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Santa Rosa, I found that some of my fillings were no longer fully there. This surprised me because I had not felt any pain. In a subsequent visit the fillings were restored and there was never any pain or discomfort. However, if I had just let the situation go there surely would have been a problem sooner or later. I am thankful to have avoided possible pain and complications in the future. See my story in the video below.

The following are benefits of checking your dental fillings regularly.

You will avoid adverse dental complications:

For any complication to become worse it has to start from a single point. After you make a habit of visiting the dentist regularly they will know at early stages the condition of your dental fillings. From there they will recommend suitable measures for you to avoid more complications. This will also save you money that you will have wasted in case the complication in your dental fillings is discovered later after it has infected your teeth.

Regular checkups will enable you to access other treatments easily:

Apart from the dentist checking your dental fillings there can also be other complications that may be developing. During the examination the dentist will notice them and offer you necessary treatments and recommendations. This will ensure you remain with your smile intact. This will also save you time that is otherwise wasted in treating chronic dental conditions because the dentist will discover the condition early and treat them accordingly.

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