What are the Best Alternatives to Candy for Better Dental Health ?

Teeth Brushing

By now, most of you probably know how sugar candies can trigger tooth decay. Perhaps you think that since you religiously floss and brush your teeth twice daily, there is hardly any possibility of tooth decay happening. But actually this depends on what kind of candies you take, how often, when and so on.

So the wisest course of action especially if you already have cavities (filled or otherwise) is to abstain from taking sugar candies altogether. Yes, doing so might seem very difficult more so if you have a sweet tooth. So the trick is to take the best alternatives to candy for better dental health.

One great alternative is chewing gum that is free of sugar. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean there is hardly any sweetness. This kind of gum is actually sweetened by using Xylitol. Xylitol is extracted from vegetables or fruits. So there no possibility of tooth decay with this sugar alternative.

Instead it helps to prevent bacteria that cause tooth decay from growing. Another thing about chewing gum is that you exercise your mouth, which is said to be good for your overall dental health. Now if chewing gum does not appeal to you, there is another great option – dried fruits like dates and raisins but in moderation.


Packed with fiber and vitamins, both dates and raisins will make wonderful snacks not only to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings but also for your overall body health. Raisins are said to be rich in anti-oxidants. This means you also enjoy the benefit of great looking skin. If you don’t like them dry, then take fresh fruits like ripe watermelon, banana and apple.

Not only are they good alternatives to candies but they are also packed with fiber, minerals and vitamins for your overall body health. For those who want something similar to candy, consider making your own sweets made of manuka honey. Recent findings indicate that manuka honey has antibacterial characteristics, which can help to prevent plaque and cavities.

Taking manuka honey also helps to neutralize whatever acid that was produced by other foods in your mouth. So there are less chances of tooth decay. Taking alternatives to candy especially for those who love sugary foods or have a sweet tooth will reduce the risk of tooth decay. But that doesn’t mean you should stop visiting your dentist.

Bear in mind that oral hygiene specialists advise a trip to a good dentist every 6 months. But if you happen to have diabetes or poor dental health, then it is wiser to visit the dentist sooner, perhaps every three months or so.

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